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The term ‘certified organic’ means, my farm partners and their products have been verified, by an independent certification agency, as being organic. This is the highest organic standard in Australia and means that every part of the supply chain, starting with the soil on the farm, has been through rigorous audits and testing, adhering to meticulous standards set by the Australian Certified Organic Standard (ACOS).There is a tremendous difference between providing ‘certified organic’ products and ‘organic products’  – click here to read more on this in our Q&A section.

BCO will only source produce from organic grazing properties, who believe in the ethical treatment of animals and who are strictly certified organic. The humane treatment of grazing usually goes hand in hand with certified organic farming, however, there are many organic Grazier’s who finish on GRAIN. Personally, I don’t believe that cattle and sheep should eat grain, therefore, my graziers do not finish their animals on grain, which gives the meat a more succulent flavour and also a better life for the animal.I work closely with four amazing farmers, all of whom are equally as committed to being truly organic.

About Amanda and BCO


I grew up in the Hinterland of the Gold Coast and was surrounded by thousands of acres of gorgeous untamed country.  We had a beautiful hobby farm, with horses, cows to milk, chickens, sheep and goats.  And of course dogs.  My grandparents had an extensive grain growing property and cattle farm in Northern NSW and we spent many holidays out there, mustering and working on their property.   My last day of high school, I jumped in my car and drove to 8 hours and was on a horse the next morning.  I worked on serval properties for different farmers and graziers and it was then that I began to understand correct animal husbandry.   The good, the bad and the ugly side of grazing.  And I knew then that I would only support good humane animal practices.
I took myself off to University of Queensland Gatton Agricultural campus and completed Applied Science in Grazing Animal Production. 
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I then came back to the city and worked in hospitality, I became the beverage manager at Heron Island Diving Resort and stayed there for 3 years.  It was fantastic.  After this I was in the wine industry and represented the very best wine  in Australia.  When I had my first baby, I was dedicated to eating the best, cleanest food I could find and then found myself in the Organic Food World when there was not much around.  
I had come full circle and was back in the bush, sourcing farmers who were dedicated to farming Organically.  Every year my business has grown and about 7 years ago, I needed to have complete control of processing and set up my own butcher/commercial kitchen so that I could continue growing. And here I am. 

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