Our certified Organic Lamb & Pork Farmer

Sustainable and ethical farming

Our Lamb & Pork Farmer Sophie - Sustainable and ethical farming

Our Lamb & Pork farmers are a mixed agricultural enterprise operated by lifelong farmers David and Robbie, and their daughter Sophie. David is a qualified Dorper and White Dorper Judge and Inspector, successfully completing his final Judges exam in Britstown South Africa in 2010. David was one of two Australians who passed that judges exam in South Africa, making them the first two fully qualified Australian Dorper Inspectors. David was elected to the board of the Dorper Sheep Society of Australia Inc (DSSA) for the period 2010-2014, serving as President and Vice President during that time.

They are committed to, not only producing the best that they possibly can from their land, but improving the overall health of their land and soils by using regenerative farming practices.

They understand what the prime lamb market requires and sell their lambs from 43+ kg live weight seasonally, from five months of age. Prime lambs need to ‘hit the ground running’. They need to be born with ease, mothered well, and grow quickly to finish, reaching a saleable age as early as possible.  The farms rams are selected for structural correctness, growth, muscle and good fat coverage. Fat coverage not only means good eating quality of the meat, but excellent maternal traits in the ewes retained for breeding.