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To label a food ‘organic’, there is no certification or standards required. This means foods can feature the word ‘organic’ in their title and not contain a single organic ingredient. To put it simply, if you want to ensure your food is organic, Certified Organic is the only way to go, it is a guarantee that the food is 100% organic.Every one of the Brisbane Certified Organic products has been labelled with Certified Organic. This is because I voluntarily choose to adhere to these stricter requirements to provide you a truly organic product.This means I must source my products from farmers who meet these conditions.‘Certified Organic’ is a registered trademark which has its own strict standard and has been approved by the Australian government. It means the food or 100% of the ingredients in the product are organic. Australian Certified Organic routinely and randomly audits my business and my farmers.The strict standards of ‘Certified Organic’ provides a quality guarantee that my products are 100% organic.

Absolutely never

Certified Organic Farmers are allowed to feed their animals Certified organic Feed in adverse conditions, such as drought or flood.  Some organic Beef and Lamb producers finish their animals on grain to boost their weight.  I will not condone this procedure therefore the farmers that I support do not finish on grain..

My bacon cure is designed by me and made by me and is fully certified organic.  Therefore I am not allowed, (and wouldn’t anyway) used Nitrate/Nitrite at all.

My recipe is simply and effective as I sell everything I cook.  Even my wood chips are declared untreated and are sourced from my Dads local Saw Mill at Beaudesert, from Untreated, Queensland hardwood and chipped, just for Brisbane Certified Organic.

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