Our Farmers are Family Owned Organic Meat Suppliers

All our farmers work very hard to deliver certified organic meat ethically and sustainably

See their stories below

Beef farmer Brisbane certified organic organic butcher Brisbane organic meat Brisbane

Organic Beef Farmer Sam

My Beef Farmers are an amazing partnership between two long-standing farming families, with a strong history in organic and sustainable agriculture.The Tully and O’Leary Families each represent over 100 years of farming history in Australia and are foundation members of the Australian organic movement.

Organic Chicken Farmer Fred

My Chicken farmer is free range in the most honest and truest way. The chickens roam around in paddocks during the day, they have access to shade at all times, their barns are wide and open and the girls are only closed in at night to do what chickens do – roost. They live a totally natural & organic life.

Organic Pork Farmer Chrissy

My Pork Farmer has no sheds at all on her property. She is truly free range, and of course is certified organic. As her piggies farrow outside, there is always room to freely move around doing what pigs usually do, wallow in the mud and hang around together in bushes and under trees.

Organic Lamb Farmer Andrew

My Lamb Farmer is from Stanthorpe , where for most of the year it is cool. This is important to me because I don’t believe sheep should be grazing in hot regions of Australia. The way these sheep and lambs are raised & cared for is inspirational, and our lamb products are absolutely sensational.

lamb farmer Brisbane certified organic organic butcher Brisbane organic meat Brisbane
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We Will Deliver To Your Door Safely

Rain, Hail or CoViD19…

At BCO, we are strictly Safe Food Accredited. For your interest, we take this very seriously. BCO has 1 butcher and me, (the owner) who packs your delicious product. As usual, we use protective clothing, gloves and hair nets, and recently, face masks.

Our Shop is not open for customers to walk in but purchasing of product is outside under a marque, obeying strict social distancing regulations.

  • Orders over $200 No charge
  • Orders under will be $20
  • Cold to your door
Due to high demand of questions about home deliveries, please text me your order, with name and address and I will contact you about your order and payment details.  
Thank you !!
My butcher and I are dedicated to getting great organic produce to you when ever you make that request.
Amanda 0413 632 935